Tasting Week Continued on Tuesday, October 18

Pastry Chef Cynthia Falatic at Terman

Tasting Week continued on Tuesday, October 18 with four excellent workshops at Terman Middle School and Gunn High School. Cynthia Falatic, Executive Pastry Chef at the Ritz Carlton, showed the middle school students of Ms Judy Salmon at Terman how to make apple crisp and chocolate mousse. She explained how to select the right apples for cooking and how to cook them so that they will be juicy but still crunchy. The chocolate mousse recipe Cynthia selected was very easy to make, with just whipping cream and chocolate, but so delicious. It helped that she made it out of Valhrona chocolate 64% – it really makes a difference when you use good chocolate…. The children were very engaged in the process and asked Chef Cynthia many questions, such as “do you sleep at the Ritz Carlton at night?” and “what was the strangest experience you ever had?”. Chef Cynthia answered every question in a poised manned and with a smile. After Terman, Cynthia went over to Gunn High School to conduct a great session with Ms Cindy Peters’ high school students, who were equally engaged.

Chef Bruno Ponsot at Terman

In the afternoon, Terman Middle school received the visit of Chef Bruno Ponsot, from the French Culinary Institute in Campbell. Chef Bruno focused his workshop on seasonal vegetables of the fall. He introduced the students to fennel, celeriac, turnips, butternut squash, which he presented to them both raw and cooked. They first smelled, then tasted the vegetables. Most of the vegetables received an overwhelming number of thumbs up. He then proceeded to introduce them to fresh herbs, from the most fine and rare chervil to the powerful tarragon. He even turned sorrel and watercress into delicate purees for all to enjoy. This session was a real discovery for the students who gave Chef Bruno a big round of applause.